2024.04 DEWESoft DATA Integrity Tutorial

2024.04 DEWESoft DATA Integrity Tutorial

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Join us for an exclusive tutorial on DATA Integrity presented by DEWESoft's John Hiatt April 3, 2024, at FLW Inc. 5672 Bolsa Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649  

Data Integrity: Understanding uncertainties created by the Data Acquisition Process, Filtering and Transforming Data to the Frequency Domain Tutorial:

This tutorial will inform the attendees on uncertainties in the data acquisition process, cover in detail the transform from the time to frequency domain and provide attendees with an understanding of how filters work and impact the data.  The intent is to clearly define in a practical sense, errors that occur in these processes and how to mitigate these errors.   We will also understand the assumptions made and how to deal with their impact, when transforming this data from the time to the frequency domain.  We hope the attendees will learn from our mistakes and have a better understanding of these processes. 

Who Should Attend:  Engineers, Technicians and Analysts who want to familiarize themselves with the data acquisition process and the transform of data from time to frequency domain.

Data Integrity

0800-0830 Welcome and Coffee

0830-1000 Analog to Digital Process Uncertainties

Process Overview




1000-1030 Break

1030-1200 Analog to Digital Process Uncertainties continued

What happens in the Data Acquisition System

Signal Conditioning




Impact of DAS Processes on Digital Signal

Common Errors and how to mitigate.

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1430 Filtering

Introduction / Terminology

Types of Filters

How filters Work

Filter Effects

1430-1500 Break

1500-1630 Transform Time to Frequency

Fourier transform Terminology.


Possible Errors in transform

Understanding how all the Parameters Affect Result