2024.09 Technical Seminar

2024.09 Technical Seminar

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September 10 - 12, 2024

Orlando, FL

Course Description: This training is designed to educate the attendees by covering an in-depth, hands-on explanation of common sensor technologies (Bridge, Voltage, Potentiometer, IEPE, Thermocouple, etc.) and how those technologies fundamentally work, how they are configured, conditioned, and digitized through modern instrumentation. This training will discuss common practical setup features such as headers, variables, math channels, video inputs, and visualization setups. Data validation, storage and review will be discussed, and best practices will be covered. This training will introduce Digital Communication, Sequencer, and C++ Scripting.
Upon completion of this training, attendees can expect to achieve the following learning outcomes:

1.Comprehensive Understanding of Sensor Technologies:
- Gain an in-depth knowledge of various sensor technologies, including Bridge, Voltage, Potentiometer, IEPE, and Thermocouple.
- Understand the fundamental principles behind how these sensors work and their applications in different scenarios.

2.Hands-On Experience:
- Acquire practical, hands-on experience with the configuration, conditioning, and digitization of sensor data using modern instrumentation.

3.Setup and Configuration:
- Learn about practical setup features such as headers, variables, math channels, video inputs, and visualization setups.
- Understand how to customize and optimize sensor configurations for specific applications.

4.Data Validation and Storage:
- Explore techniques for data validation to ensure the accuracy and reliability of collected sensor data.
- Learn best practices for the storage of sensor data to maintain data integrity and accessibility.

5.Review and Analysis:
- Understand methods for reviewing sensor data, including analysis techniques and tools.
- Gain insights into best practices for interpreting and drawing conclusions from sensor data.

6.Introduction to Digital Communication:
- Acquire knowledge of digital communication methods relevant to sensor technologies.
- Understand how digital communication enhances data transmission and connectivity in sensor applications.

7.Sequencer Functionality:
- Learn the fundamentals of sequencer functionality and its role in managing and coordinating sensor data acquisition processes.

8.C++ Scripting Skills:
- Develop an introductory understanding of C++ scripting for sensor applications.
- Explore how scripting can be employed to customize and enhance sensor data processing.

9. Best Practices:
- Gain insights into industry best practices for working with sensors, data validation, storage, and analysis.
- Understand how to apply best practices to optimize sensor systems for reliability and efficiency.
Overall, attendees will leave the training with a well-rounded knowledge of sensor technologies, practical skills in configuring and managing sensor systems, and the ability to apply best practices for effective data acquisition and analysis.

Pre-Event Checklist
A computer per person is recommended, although only one would be connected to the training device at a time, our usual procedure is to encourage groups sharing the devices to switch to different users periodically to ensure that as many people as possible are able to have hands-on experience with the devices.
Ahead of time please install the latest version of DEWESoftX which can be obtained from the DEWESoft website DEWESoftX | Dewesoft Download – Note: you will need to create a login to download, and we recommend downloading the 64bit version. It is also recommended that this is installed for all users unless policies prohibit this.
It is recommended that this is installed with administrator privileges if possible.
Alternatively, we can provide this on a USB drive that would require that the user had the ability to install from USB drives.