Al Hoge - Automation

Al Hoge has nearly 30 years of experience working in automation, calibration, and instrumentation.  Al began his technical career at NASA Glenn where he received a recognition reward from the Director of NASA for instrumenting solar panels for an international space station.  Following his time with NASA, Al automated, designed, fabricated, and commissioned various test stands with Lubrizol.  The functions of these test stands varied from testing contamination to various dynos to high cycle fatigue applications and more.  Al then took his automation expertise to Parker Hannifin where he continued developing test stands for fuel systems, landing gear simulations, and more.  At Parker Hannifin Al mastered various DAQ systems and programming languages along with calibration standards including ISO 9001, 10012, and 17025.  In 2021, Al joined DEWESoft as an automation application engineer where Al utilizes his vast automation experience and expertise working directly with DEWESoft customers as a technical resource to help with various automation projects in nearly every industry.